Our Purpose

At emqnet the resilience of your business is our business. As leaders in global operational resilience, we exist to ensure the continuity of your existence. But our purpose is about more than just survival. It’s about helping your business prosper and thrive. Sometimes in the most challenging of environments.

We do this by arming you with the skillset, technology and specialist talent you need to keep operating and give certainty to the market, whatever the threat. Our platform is built for purpose, peerless in functionality, usability and data capture, and backed by real-world intelligence and rigorous crisis management methodology.

A comprehensive, next-generation solution for forward-thinking businesses serious about building and measuring operating resilience.

emqnet has your back whatever the crisis – workplace accident, natural disaster, civil unrest, supply chain disruption, environmental spill, industrial espionage, even cyber attack.

Prepare, manage, measure and thrive with emqnet.

Operational Resilience – As a Value

We help you better understand the value of your operational resilience capability and its maturity. This will enable you to better understand your investment and where critical capability exists to ensure that you are able to respond to critical events effectively, measure performance over time and tell your story on your terms to all stakeholders.

Our Values

We believe the conversation around risk needs to evolve. We’re here to guide businesses through transformational change so that they can thrive into the future.

We value the expertise of our team and our capacity to partner seamlessly with yours to achieve your operational resilience goals. We believe that data is power. It can make a real difference to how you conceptualise, attain and measure operational resilience.

We are forward thinking, always striving to do things better and work smarter not harder. Our team is dependable and proactive in anticipating the diverse and complex needs of our clients. We value quality, teamwork and honesty – sugar-coating your exposure to a real-world threat won’t help you in a crisis. Above all we’re innovators and disruptors. Crunchers of data, always questioning the status quo, pushing the envelope and redefining what it means to be operationally resilient.